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MBS has an experienced web development team with a large number of web sites to its credit. MBS understands that a web page not only presents the business to the world, but also that the Internet is an important medium for transacting with a company's stakeholders. Because of this, MBS maintains a high standard of quality in all sites that it develops, in terms of aesthetic appeal, functionality, navigation, and overall effect.

When starting any project, our first step is to understand the purpose of the site. By making sure that we are in tune with our client's needs, our Project Managers are better able to guide the development process, from proposing features that should be offered on the site to basic idea conception, site development and hosting. After the site has been completed, MBS remains involved, offering site maintenance and back-end support. Our clients rest assured knowing they have partnered with a professional, reliable, organisation to manage their Internet presence.



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